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Present Day:
Studying various websites, artists, and online classes, Ryan is aware of the vast opportunities the world of photography has to offer. From landscapes to architecture, to website images to portraits (and so much more), it's a way to see into the mind's eye and how people view the everyday life they live.

One thing Ryan noticed is that many photographers and artists get caught up in their works and forget to add minor detail such as focus, alignment, over-saturated HDR, and even the important things such as adding watermaks, copyright data, and what not to do with your camera.

This became a concern for him, and so he created a "Pro Tips" section on his online blog (currently parked on Facebook). Inside the Pro Tips section are helpful hints, write-ups, and other important content that Ryan shares with many viewers and photographers alike. The blog is free to read and offers insight on how to become a better photographer as well as how to care for your equipment.

In addition to this new blog, Ryan has also ventured into portraits. However, it's not the conventional studio shots you see where the subjects look boring and bland, but rather the subjects are in the real world. They are portrayed outdoors in nature, along the roadside and railroad tracks, or even hidden inside old decaying locations that time forgot. It's this new look at life that Ryan feels is important. It captures who the person is in their natural state for generations to enjoy.

Despite all that Ryan has to offer, it's not just an "I can do that" attitude, but rather an "I know how to do that" attitude, and he does it with skill and confidence. Many offer a wide vast of services, but Ryan dedicates his precious time to master the art of photography. It's the areas of his works that are what he does best.

To see some of his current and past works, click on the Gallery link above. All photographs are for sale on canvas and matte finish, and they can be framed by request at our local framing store.

If you would like to purchase a photo, request to have some displayed in an art gallery, or place them in rotation on loan at an office complex, contact Ryan today. He'd be more than happy to accommodate your request!


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